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Dear Sir/MadamIntroduce Me celvin , Founder of Vindo Coco.I intend to introduce our company to you.Vindo Coco is a company engaged in the export trade of the best coconut charcoal briquettes in Indonesia.we would like to offer our products to you.Our company has the best quality products in Indonesia. Our coconut charcoal briquettes come from the best coconut shells and are processed with the best methods to produce coconut charcoal briquettes with guaranteed quality.You can visit our website at ([]([0]=AT0MBgxLIoN6ioJHCQ1xvcX7bWJmEWccrbolfTKpbnZdIlKzlbcEieVZTHT-q_z6fqOi-dcbHeteUPct44jNu-9xtCCsuJsFE1NG4rENf8g1ykxO_GoH9gGd82_mxu0qykJbF6jh9X9MskAs0NjadQK25apQSwGopj3KZHcghUp0ilGeOhhsoY3MOu7V4JQEeEl8NB4hUSIX61Z0E2SdJJwochRnHHVFx3hFV3VOhjk))Contact : +6281249660705Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.warmest regards,celvin ... See MoreSee Less
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Start your import export business with 1st trade hand holding supportCall for information +917043429784 ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello everyonethis side Faddylah from Coco Derivative Product.We are here to support your business and supply coconut have CRUDE COCONUT OIL CRUDE COCONUT OIL caan be processed into cooking oil.CRUDE COCONUT OIL also widely used and processed in the food industry, cosmetic industry, making soap, shampoo to oleochemicals.if you are looking forward for more information and further discussionyou can get in touch with us by :Whatsapp : ... See MoreSee Less
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