Lost Wax Casted Silicon Bronze Sculpture with Patina


Cast Bronze Sculpture normally made by materials of silicon bronze, Tin bronze and so on, the related sculptures including, bronze figure sculpture, bronze cast sculpture, patina bronze sculpture, Bronze souvenir sculpture, bronze Buddha statue sculpture and so on. While this Bronze sculpture was designed by an artist from Australia. The total height of the figure bronze sculpture is 6 meters including the foundation. The sculpture is installed in a park by the sea. It is made up of three parts, a figure, two animals and four chairs. The figure is standing on the top, and the two animals are about to climb up and look up at the figure. I think what this sculpture wants to express is that there is a deep feeling between people and animals. We use lost wax casting to make the bronze figure, it is strong, sun protection and rain protection and long life. One of the nice things about lost wax bronze sculpture is that it is easy to take care of.

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