High Homogeneity Fused Silica/Quartz/Synthetic Fused Silica/Hpfs Quartz/Synthetic Fused Silica 0A 0f 0c


General Introduction: Synthetic Fused Silica ArF Grade, is a high purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide manufactured by flame hydrolysis. The noncrystalline, colorless, silica glass combines a very low thermal expansion coefficient with excellent optical qualities and exceptional transmittance in the deep ultraviolet. ArF Grade was developed for 193 nm lithography systems.

In order to satisfy the challenging quality requirements of our customers in leading edge applications such as microlithography, The mfnaufacturer s dedicated to continuous improvement. Our investments in research and develop- ment, combined with Usa quality systems, support our technology leadership position and ensure that we meet our customer’s requirements on time, every time.
Ultra pure fused silica glass material HPFS /Synthetic Fused Silica
Materials were first developed by  Usa company, then gradually used in commercial field. the manufacturer has made a comparison between Schott’s and Russia’s corresponding materials. The manufacturer’s products have obvious advantages in uniformity and consistency. The most important thing is that the Synthetic Fused Silica products have very small and stable material stress in the case of similar optical and mechanical properties.

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