Qingdao High Rich Trading Co Ltd

  • New High Rich Diesel 500mm Royal Standard Export Packing off Road Forklift Manufacturer

    HighRich Forklifts have strict quality control system. Although strict quality control has been carried out during the production
    process, to ensure our customers can receive high performance forklifts, all of our forklifts will be tested again before
    Our quality inspection is divided into indoor inspection and outdoor inspection. Indoor testing includes braking
    performance, the inclination angle of mast, detection of chassis oil leakage, counterweight, etc. Outdoor testing includes
    loading, lifting, tilting, turning, climbing, etc.
    We are dedicated to providing forklift VIP solution to meet all kinds of work condition which means High Rich forklift can be
    customized. For example, if your want move forks from left to right automatically without moving forklift, we suggest you side shifter. if you want to adjust fork’s distance, we suggest fork positioner. If your working environment is very cold or rainy, we suggest you fully closed cabin with opening windows. And all kinds of attachments, such as paper roll clamp, bale clamp, block clamp, carton clamp, double forks and so on,

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