Automotive Hybrid Engine Trainer Automotive Educational Lab


Quick Details Origin: Hebei, China

Brand Name: BJZY

Warranty: 1 year

Service: OEM customization

Category: Teaching MOQ: 1 set

Packing: wooden box Packaging And Delivery wooden packaging

Delivery time: 15 to be negotiated

Product Description:

1. Engine works properly and smoothly, it can show the structures and work processes of hybrid gasoline engine;

2. It can clearly show the working process of the gasoline engine and three-phase AC motor.

3. The test panel is printed with complete electrical control system schematics and mounted with test terminals, the signal parameters such as voltage, resistance, frequency, etc. of the sensors and actuators can be tested by multimeter or oscilloscope.

4. The trainer is equipped with diagnosis seat, it can be connected to scanner to read or clear fault codes, and read data stream and can be used for other engine self-diagnosis function.

5. The trainer is equipped with fault setting module: manual fault set module. Training courses Function introduction of main components of hybrid engine; Demonstration of hybrid engine running, starting, accelerating etc; Measurement of the signals of the sensors and actuators by multimeter or oscilloscope; Read fault code, data stream and remove faults through the scanner; Fault set and troubleshooting.

Weight 1000.000 kg
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Additional information

Weight 1000.000 kg
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