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    It has been over 60 years since Polara started making soft drinks and the unique flavor of the past has remained unchanged. The attention to quality and the choice of selected ingredients, rigorously Made in Sicily, has remained unchanged.   In over half a century of passion and dedication, Polara has maintained the artisan quality of its origins, the love for its land and for the wonderful citrus fruits it donates, reinterpreting the secrets and traditional recipes through a dynamic and advanced organization thanks to which the Modica-based company has today expanded the boundaries of its distribution, overseeing the various segments of the soft drink market, to become one of the most important realities in the beverage field in Sicily, southern Italy and the Mediterranean area.   In the renovated Monica factory, Polara continues to produce drinks with artisanal methods but with modern, safe equipment able to offer the highest quality to consumers. Thus, the vintage line has recently been added to the already wide range of products – for GdO and Horace – the drinks of yesteryear, those of the early 1950s, born from an ancient recipe, kept and handed down from generation to generation.   Mojica (Ragusa) Sicily, Italy

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