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Pirazhan Company

Pirazhan Company, with over 40 years records of continuous operation in different trading and commercial fields, was established in 1975 and during this period of time, has obtained a vast range of knowledge and experience in different commercial fields specially consultation of customs affairs, supply and release of cargo and provision of transportation services in light of attempt of directors and experienced personnel. During this period of time, many Public Joint Stock Companies, Private Joint Stock Companies, and economists have selected Pirazhan Co. as Customs attorney and advisor to attain its commercial goals. Due to years of attendance in the commercial field, membership with brokers union of Customs affairs, membership with Chamber of Commerce, awareness of the latest state Customs Rules and World Trade, this company could have met its customers' requirements in various political and economic dilemmas including the 8-years imposed war, sanction and the like. At present, Management and Operational Personnel of Pirazhan Company have provided a suitable background for facilitation in the stated cases while by new changes applied in the State Customs Rules a necessity of clarification of in importation and exportation of merchandises and transfer of currency for owners of merchandises. Pirazhan Company, by continuous improvement in the quality trend of services, is always ready to provide commercial services, release and transportation in line with their valuable customers' orientation and due to benefit from skills of other related companies in the field of logistics services. Pirazhan Company is proud to bear all responsibilities for supply and transfer of goods as soon as possible and with the most suitable wage from the initial origin to the final destination.

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