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Exporters of cocoa and copra and land agents – Nambawan Co. Ltd

Looking for a market to export our cocoa and copra produce. We are also exporting eels and are looking for eel buyers.

We also act as agents for customary landowners who wish to sell their land and or go into joint venture with investors, particularly inviting persons interested in exploring thermal energy prospects in Papua New Guinea.

Furthermore we are also agent for customary landowners of an island 25km long and 18km wide. The population of this island is between 55,000 and 60,000 people. Certain villagers at different sections of the island wish to build eco tourism lodge and are willing to partner interested investors.

We sell and administer:
- Cocoa beans
- Copra
- Vacant land ranging from 1 hectare to 100 hectares
- Geo thermal energy sources
- Land for development of eco tourism facility
- Land for development of beach resort,
- Tours to volcanic islands in papua new guinea, eels

Please contact Arnold Amet, Managing Director

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